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  Healthy Feet = Happy Feet

Foot Care Services

Healthy Feet First provides nursing foot care in the comfort of your own.

Services are also available in:
  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Care
  • Retirement Homes
  • Healthy Feet First Clinics (see below)

Each foot care appointment, whether at your place or ours, includes an assessment of the lower leg and foot, as well as any treatment and/or preventative care. This includes:
  • Cutting and filing of nails
  • Reduction of corns and calluses
  • Care of thick, fungal nails
  • Care of ingrown or involuted nails
  • Dry/cracked skin
  • Assessment of foot wear/gait
  • and more

Nursing foot care is more than simply cutting and filing the nails. It is about empowering clients to  play an active role in their health. Nurses are trained to help their clients/patients improve the quality of their life through assessments, education, preventative measures, treatments and referrals to other qualified health professionals.

All of Healthy Feet First's tools are sterile to point of use through the use of an autoclave. 

Compression Therapy

Compression garments are used to help with the management of venous problems by acting as a layer of muscle and gently squeezing vein walls together (allows the valves to close). Healthy Feet First is able to help measure and provide clients with garments based on MD prescription. In the near future, Healthy Feet First will be able to provide ABPI readings. 

Note: MD prescription required to purchase stockings. 


Centre for Strength and Athletic Development

1665 Russel Road Unit 1

Ottawa, ON

K1G 0N1

Villagia in the Glebe

480 Metcalfe St

Ottawa, ON

K1S 3N6


At Healthy Feet First, we understand that at times it can be difficult to go shopping. With this in mind, Healthy Feet First carries a variety of products from Gehwol, Footlogix and Shaklee. 

Products include:

  • lotions and creams
  • compression garments
  • nutritional supplements
  • and more